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I've had a lot of the symptoms you're having and don't have a diagnosis yet. I am 29 and was in good health until last November when I started getting vertigo, nausea, tremors, tingling and numbness, migraines, cognitive problems (confusion, trouble articulating) from time to time, irritability, muscle pain, etc. It all comes and goes (nothing constant, thank goodness) but is quite difficult to live with.

I can suggest some of the things I've been tested for in case you haven't considered them. Migraines and seizures can cause very strange problems - they mimic many other diseases. MS can also cause similar issues. Your doctor could do an EEG to check for seizures and an MRI to rule out MS and vascular problems in the brain.

Psychiatric disorders like anxiety and depression can cause these types of symptoms too. Also iron and B12 deficiency, and thyroid imbalances.

I have had a positive ANA test which means I probably have an autoimmune disease, but none of the specific antibodies were positive so it's wait-and-see which disease I actually have! So frustrating. It's an easy blood test so you could ask your doctor to add it to a diabetes screening test.

I would suggest a HbA1c and glucose tolerance test to check for diabetes rather than relying on the fasting test.

Hope you feel better and get answers soon!

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