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I last posted in November, and for about a month or so, I didn't have any symptoms, at least any that really bothered me. But now I have been having them quite often, and I am so tired all of the time. I was at the doctor, asking about mono or something that could be causing these symptoms, but she didn't give me a blood test. She just didn't have a whole lot for me :( When I was in before my fasting number was 83 which was normal. So I decided to get a home meter, so I could check for myself. I had a really bad episode on Saturday, my hands were shaking so bad, weak and blurry vision, along with dizziness.
My number this morning was 70 mg/dl. I couldn't test after breakfast because of a Dr. appointment for my son. I ate lunch and tested 1 and 2 hours after. They were 84 and 100, does that sound pretty normal? I know I need to check when I am having an episode, cause that is when I feel the worst! Thanks again for any advice you have! Andrea
From those numbers, it doesn't seem that you are diabetic or even pre-diabetic at all. You should probably continue to test blood sugar now and then to be sure but more importantly keep looking elsewhere for the source of your problems because it doesn't seem to be diabetes. There could be something else which needs to be addressed.

Just in case your hypoglycemic, try skipping a meal and keep testing every hour. If it continues downward and goes very low then that could be a factor. In that case, you will need to severely limit carbs (sugars and starches) and make sure to eat every few hours while awake.
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