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I have the same symptom. Testing for glucose came back normal. I am wondering if you found any diagnosys for your illness.

I last posted in November, and for about a month or so, I didn't have any symptoms, at least any that really bothered me. But now I have been having them quite often, and I am so tired all of the time. I was at the doctor, asking about mono or something that could be causing these symptoms, but she didn't give me a blood test. She just didn't have a whole lot for me :( When I was in before my fasting number was 83 which was normal. So I decided to get a home meter, so I could check for myself. I had a really bad episode on Saturday, my hands were shaking so bad, weak and blurry vision, along with dizziness.
My number this morning was 70 mg/dl. I couldn't test after breakfast because of a Dr. appointment for my son. I ate lunch and tested 1 and 2 hours after. They were 84 and 100, does that sound pretty normal? I know I need to check when I am having an episode, cause that is when I feel the worst! Thanks again for any advice you have! Andrea
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