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I am still not 100% sure of my diagnose. I had an incident of high glucose a year ago with all the symptoms but in two weeks I managed to come to just a little above normal (under 120 FG) with diet and exercise. But for a year I am strugling. When I have such glucose readings, I am loosing weight, and I was not overweight at start (90kg/200pounds on 186cm/6feet something).
When I try to get some weight back, I go a bit higher.
I had a 9.0 HbA1c at the start, then had 6.5 when I was really trying, and last two are 7.4 and 7.5, but during that period I had a stressful 18-hour a day job and could not eat exactly as I wanted to.
Now it is again quite OK. I average 110 in the mornings. My doctor gave me the last two month chance to try to get HbA1c below 7 before insulin.
Now the question:
I have often quite higher readings in the morning then in the evening before going to sleep. Today at 8.10 I read 7.2 (130) in the morning, and 5.6 (100.8) in the evening (22.30).
I am not sure what could cause this. Does anyone have a clue? I have heard about Somogy effect but I am not sure does that apply to patients not using any medication for BG control. Is it because I measure right after (5 min) waking up? Does this mean my BG is elevated all night, and maybe this is causing high HbA1c? Cause my day readings are quite good, the highest I read in a year ever was 234 (once 1 hour after eating all the stuff I should not) and I average 120 in the mornings and would be around 150 when I would check the peak 45min or so after meals. I mean without any meds, it is not so bad. Or am I fooling myself?
Also, I can not get the pattern. A couple of times I would eat a big lunch at a restoran, with two glases of wine and even a cake, and read 5.6 two hours after, as if I am completely healthy. How can that be?
I am confused. If someone has any medical experience with borderline diabetes subjects, please contact me cause here in Croatia it is all black or white.

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Hello there, welcome to our community! It is good that you are trying to improve your control. You are doing well and I hope we can help you to do even better. Alcohol can cause blood sugar to drop so the two glasses of wine you had with that lunch probably caused you to have the lower than expected number two hours later. A total of four hours after kunch you may have been high when the effects of the alcohol had stopped.

I am going to give you a link which might help you with the morning highs (Dawn Phenomenon):

Good luck to you!

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