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Hello all! I was just diagnosed with having diabetes and I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on some of my symptoms. These may seem mild to some but they are driving me crazy. First of all I must say that this is not my only condition. I also take medication for OCD, depression, anxiety and etc. I don't know if the medications I take for those make any diffrence or not but I thought I better not leave it out. My doctor has been semi helpful but really hasn't gone into a whole lot of detail with me. He just set me up with a dietician (which is a couple of weeks away)and kind of left it at that. I had to call him back to get an actual diagnosis. Thats a whole other story though. Anyways back to my symptoms.
The first symptom, that caused me to go to the doctor in the first place, is feeling like I am absolutely starving all the time. I can eat something and 5 minutes later I feel like hell and I am starving, like I haven't eaten anything all day long or something. I have tried diffrent kinds of food and nothing seems to make me feel any better. After reading some of the posts in this forum some of the foods that I think are good for me may actually be bad for me. At any rate I do agree that I need a total change in diet and lifestyle but I dont really see how diet is going to make this feeling go away. Will it? And also the starving feeling gets worse as the day goes on, seeming to peak at night. Is that normal? Sometimes it feels like my jaw is hurting also? That may be linked to some medicine that I used to take but as the starving feeling gets worse the jaw starts hurting.
The other symptoms I have been having are really not to bad but the first is the worst and its driving me nuts. The doctor said that it should be controled with diet and exercise but quite frankly I am not believing it just yet. I am eagerly waiting for the diabetic class with the dietician but is there anything I can do until then? Thanks for any help that you can give me in advance!!
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