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not always easy to be optimistic

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Today I found that not only do I have hypothyroid and Hashimoto, but I also have hyperthyroid and Graves.
To make it even more complicated, my endo think that I`ve become insulinresistant as well.
But when I got my bloodwork back, I realised why I lately has felt like something the cat drag into the house.
I still dont know how to treat those combinations, my endo will discuss it with his partners before he will tell me something in Monday afternoon.
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Not to fear ... yet!

I have had Hashi's for 18 years. It is simple to manage, and replacement (do you NEED replacement, at this point, with mixed antibodies?).

The Insulin Resistance can be caused by the thyroid, too. So it may subside as you are treated for thyroid disease.

Good luck!
Okay, so basically, you have had Hashi's for a long time, now you ALSO have Graves ... Oh, man, that must make for some "storms?" You have my deepest sympathy!

Could be surgical cure ... ? It is not bad from what I hear, recovering from that.

Not sure it will help, but certainly it is not unheard of.
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