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Hey all. I've had diabetes for about six years now. It got kicked off after a couple of courses of prednisone. Anyway, I've been on a variety of meds over the years, starting with insulin. Then my blood sugar went back to normal and didn't need anything but diet for a couple of years. It came back and was on insulin again for about a year, then the last three years or so a combination of glipizide, pioglitizone and metformin.

Over the years, my blood sugar would jump around. I would have trouble controlling it for a while, then I'd have periods in which I'd have to reduce my meds because I would constantly go low, as if my body was controlling it on its own better. Diet and exercise remained constant.

My problem lately is that my blood sugar will get down to normal readings, about 80-90 before meals, and I will feel shaky and exhausted like I'm having a hypo episode. I've checked my meter with the doctor's office, and it reads the same as theirs. I've checked both hands and forearms and get the same readings. Has anyone ever had this sort of thing happen?
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