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I have symptoms similar to diabetes, and asked my doctor to order blood test that can check if I have diabetes or not.
he did:
glucose - 84 (normal range 65 -99)
C peptide - 0.8 (normal range 0.8 - 3.9)

how I understand my glucose is ok, but I am worried about the c peptide test which is on the border.

Should I worry that I might be one day diabetic or might be I am now?
is there other test that I should do?
I also have half thyroid removed (might be this had some affect on it?)

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I'm not a doctor, so take my advice for what it's worth, but:

I've read that laboratories have widely varying standards for how they measure c-peptide. Your blood at another lab may have produced a very different result. Your result does show, though, that you are making some insulin.

Your fasting blood sugar is perfect.

Because you are experiencing diabetic symptoms, there are some other tests you might ask for from your doctor. You could get the A1c, which is a 90-day average of your blood sugar levels. You might be spiking very high after meals, but returning to normal between meals or after fasting. The problem, of course, is that if your blood sugar is returning to normal after meals, your average blood sugar, as measured by your A1c, may not reflect these spikes.

You could get the GAD - a way to test you for Type 1 antibodies.

You could get an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. You drink a sugary drink and then your blood sugar is monitored for several hours. You have to stay below certain blood sugar thresholds in order to be considered non-diabetic. This test is useful because, even if you have normal fasting values, your body won't be able to handle the sugar load if you are truly diabetic.
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