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Not sure where to start...

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I am a 57yo male, 6'1", 277 lb. I have not been able to stop gaining weight over the last several years. I am a Coke/Pepsi addict...I like candy, Tastycakes, donuts, and chocolate milk too. Sandwiches on white bread, etc. I like beer too, but I don't drink much, it has been many years since I have been intoxicated.

My blood sugar has always been normal, or maybe a little borderline, and I figured it would stay that way...even though diabetes does run in my family...both sides.

This past week my doctor said I am Type 2 diabetic.
Fasting results: Serum Glucose 157, Hemoglobin A1c 7.4

I was hitting the sodas, candy, donuts hard in the weeks preceding the test.

My doc said he would put me on meds in 3 months if the numbers are still up...I guess I am not sure exactly what is necessary to get them down.

I have stopped the sodas and sweets cold turkey. I am just not sure I can drop the weight (gut). I know loosing weight would help me with all my other issues: BP, sleep apnea...syndrome X.

Anyway, I look at the prospect of a strict diet and get very discouraged. The prospect of getting seriously ill doesn't look so good either.

I think if loosing weight was easy I would have done it by now. Of course I have not been scared up till now.

I am going to talk with a dietitian at the hospital so I guess that will help answer a lot of questions.

If anyone here has any insight to share with me about this I would greatly appreciate it....

Does this one reading class me as a diabetic forever?

Can I correct the insulin resistance?

I don't know how much effort is necessary... is eliminating the 2 or 3 sodas, candy, etc. a day enough?...or is it too late?

I guess I want to ask: what does it take to make a difference in 3 months?

I know a lot of folks are worse off than I am, but I am still kinda worried.

Thanks for listening.
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It is my personal opinion (I am NOT a doctor) that those numbers definitely classify you as a type2 diabetic. Cutting out the sweets and sodas will help you begin to lose weight as it is. If you can walk about a half hour a day that will help, too. You'll have 'withdrawal symptoms' (cravings) but those will go away. Try to eat more vegies, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereals, lean meats, etc. Truly, the diet is eating like we all know we should be eating in the first place. Also, portion control helps, too. Both in weight loss and in controlling those high numbers like you have. Other people will come along with ideas, too. Good luck and let us know if your progress. You can do this!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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