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Novel for those with type 1

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My name is Eric Devine and I have had type one for 18 years. I am also a teacher and author. My novel may be of interest for all of you because the protagonist acquires Type 1. This Side of Normal is marketed as Young Adult, but I have received much praise from adult audiences who have read the work. Therefore, if you are interested and want to read some excerpts, please stop my blog: ericdevine(dot)wordpress(dot)com. I also have some diabetes-related articles there. If you become interested in purchasing my book, it is available at longtalepress(dot)com and on Amazon. I hope this doesn't come across as hijacking on a message board. My book comes from the heart, and as you'll see puts to words the life we all lead. Thanks for your time.
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I looked at your novel and was impressed with your writing style. I hope your books does well. Did you try and get a major publishing company to publish your book?

Thanks for the support. I did try the major publishers via a literary agent, to no avail. I parted with that agent, stumbled upon Long Tale Press--the small publisher that published This Side of Normal, and then acquired another agent for a different work. The process is daunting, but worthwhile. Not too dissimilar to our daily management. Thanks, again, for your interest.

Blog update

I have also updated my blog with a new article, as I intend to do at least twice a week. Check the site:ericdevine(dot)wordpress(dot)com. Thanks.
Hi there,

you got me curious, so I ordered your book today. I'm pretty confident that I will love it. I guess I will be your first Belgian reader. LOL. Good luck and keep on writing! I'll mention your book on my blog tonight.
International support. Phenomenal! I sincerely appreciate your interest and willingness to discuss my work on your block. Enjoy the read.
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