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Please Help. I have been told by one doc I was Glucose intolerent and that I was not by another doctor. I do not have excessive hunger or lack of appetite I am not thirsty. What I do have is extremities go numb easliy and if my hand is on the mouse long my hand and arm goes numb etc. I will wake up with numbness in hands. I also wake in the mornings with nausea, racing heart and pins and needles or boiling blood rushing through my veins. I have had the racing heart and blood thing for years and was told it was anxiety attacks so I have been on antidepressants for 13 years. So now I am confused if this is depression which is getting worse or type 2 diabetes. I am overweight. I am exercising evryday now and on a low carb diet but no metformin. All I want to know is which of these above symptoms sounds like diabetes? Thank you.
I hate to sound like a smart A$$ but you need to talk to your dr about the problems that you're having. Set up a visit and describe your symptoms to him.
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