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ok...pump newbie has a really dumb question...

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This is going to sound like a stupid goes. I am trying to figure out what to do with this thing when I am sleeping. Do you clip it to the outside of your clothes? or the inside? I am thinking the inside would be more stable and not have it so likely to get caught up in stuff....but is it bad to have it that close to my body? Will it hurt it to get that warm> I was thinking insulin shouldnt get too warm. What do you guys do with it?

Thanks :)
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Pam, I have used my MM 522 pump for 33 months and even on hot summer days the insulin is stable. Body heat and weather do not affect the insulin. When I take trips for a week or more, I leave my vials of insulin in a closed box so it is not exposed to the sun. I do not use those products that are advertised to keep insulin cool. The insulin has always been good and has never been a problem. I have been doing that for 64 years.

I clip my pump to the top of my pajama bottoms. The clip on the Minimed pump is strong and will hold fast. A woman's garmets may differ though, you will have to experiment. Which pump will you be using?

I see you are using a sliding scale. With pumping you ned to use carb counting. that is different from a sliding scale. Are you familiar with that? The book "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh is excellent. I bought mine on The book "Calorie King" is great for determining the number of carbs in most foods. You should be very familiar with carb counting before using a pump.

Will you have a good pump trainer? My trainer was a CDE in the diabetes education center at a nearby hospital. She was very good. Trainers provided by the pump company are frequently too brief and give you only one training session. It is too much to grasp in one session. Be sure to study your pump manual and be very familiar with it before training begins. That helps a lot.
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A light weight body sleeping on tubing might not cause any harm. A heavy body might be differeent. I know it is that way with my CGM sensor. I weigh 210 pounds (6'2") and I have to keep the sensor near the cebter of my abdomen, so when I roll on my side it does not get squished. I had crazy numbers and alarms when I had the sensor on my sides.
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