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Type 1 since 1974. Obsessive, compulsive, bipolar (formerly manic-depressive). Usually these problems co-exist peacfully. Except when some obsession seizes me, and my body jumps to manic precisely because of that obsession. I become tireless - 120 waking, walking, public hours in a week, with much of the other 48 spent showering and such. I don't have a problem then - but after a few months of such behavior, the old body says, loudly, "enough!"

That is when I get the problem. I start forgetting to eat, and suddenly collapsing after all the chemical components of the high have been exhausted. Or I kick into an extended set of gastroparesis. Or, alternatively, a months-long DKA that will not be subdued by any trick known to the medical profession. Been all those places, and most, enough times to know that there is no treatment that will alleviate the instant symptom set. The closest we ever came to "fixing" any of them took months, and I exited that "cure" with severe hyponatremia.

Now I have a pump. That seems to help a lot in controlling the serum glucose levels, as opposed to a regime of Lantus and Humalog. AND it thus far (13 months and counting) reduces the risk of "sudden drops" - inexplicable falls from levels of 120 or so, to the 30s and 40s
or sometimes lower - I still function fairly well into the 30s - without any clue as to how or why.

The various mental conditions are not visibly affected by the pump, but I wouldn't part with any of them, anyway. It is good to have the excuse that "well, you already knew I was crazy!"
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