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Omnipod Corrction Dose help

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My husband just started on an omnipod a few days ago, and we are extremely confused on why he can't take a correction dose when needed.

He woke up with a BG of 150, zero IOB, entered this into the bolus calculator with zero carbs to eat, his target BG is 100 and correction threshold of 100--and it would not offer him a correction bolus dose to take. Are we missing something? Is there a setting we need to tweak? Seems silly that you can't bolus a correction dose when needed if we have everything correct.

Waiting to hear back from his DBE, but she's on vacation and not readily available and omnipod support was no help, they just kept referring us to the user manual.
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I'm using the Omnipod right now and it's a safety feature. If the BG result is between your target goals it won't correct. If it's above the target it will suggest a correction and you can increase that if you wish.
With his educator being on vacation, isn't there another educator that could help in his/her absence?
Failing that call Omnipod and ask to speak to a supervisor.
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