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OmniPod issues

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I am recently very new to the OmniPod systems and have only been using it for a week. Yesterday I noticed blood in the cannula window and with one day left to go on my pod I changed it out for a new one. Today I was monitoring my pod closely and noticed blood in the window again! Is this common or a concern? My BG has been fine but I am still worried as I am new to this. Do I need to change my pod every time I see blood in the cannula window?
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Omnipod issues???

Where do I start, how about training and setup, its only done in public settings, the trainer tried to get me to drive 100 miles to a fast food restaurant to be trained and have the device set up.

Customer support, yeah right, the person that I spoke with had nothing to offer except it is what it is and if I didn't like it too bad.

I have a number of concerns that make me think that the omnipod is nothing more than cheap alternative to the tandem pumps, the biggest is omnipod has no cgm integration.

So, I am boxing this sad excuse for an insulin pump up and sending it back to OMNIPOD.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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