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I went to a diabetes fair about a month ago and was happy to learn about various pumps. The omnipod really caught my eye because I was turned off by the tubes associated with other pumpsand it's covered 100% by my insurance.

I met with my doctor shortly after the diabetes fair and he stated I'm a great candidate for a pump and was in agreement with my choice of the omnipod so he completed and submitted the required forms for me to get started with it.

I received a call from my insurance company yesterday stating they are shipping out my order for delivery on Wednesday and I should hear from Insulet in the next few days to set up a training session.

I was concerned that the rep said the strips used for the built in meter have been pulled by FDA so I will need to continue using my current meter and enter my numbers until Insulet makes changes and gets clearance from the FDA if they decide to do so.....more things to carry with me.

Are there any omnipod users here? If so what had been your experience with it? I'm excited about starting with it but nervous at the same time. Also, do you use a CGM in conjunction with it?
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