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Welocome to the Forum. I think we were all prescribed the ADA death diet at one point. I found Dr B pretty soon after. It makes so much sense. I started out with an HbA1c of almost 11 and now am 5.3. It took time and a lot of willpower. I am also back to my college weight. That is not bad for a 60 year old woman with 5 kids. My 91 year old dad was dx'd with D 2 years ago, but I was the first in a very large family to get D. It is hard to explain to my dad that his dietician is giving him lousy advice. He is in that generation that believes whatever their medical team tells them. My husband and I are both D and we follow a pretty much organic, low carb diet. We try not to eat any processed foods. It has really helped both of us.
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