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What I don't get is why A1C tests are not ordered for those of us over 65 at least, if not before annually. Mine had never been tested and if it were not for a friend who had recently been diagnosed after two heart attacks and a bypass, I'd not have thought to ask, but remembering how my Dad after having many problems with his 'high' blood sugar some 20 years ago and now I know what those problems mean, I asked on a hunch for mine to be tested. Am I glad I asked...I believe my children should be watched after 40 on an annual basis and most people after that at least. It should be part of the 'annual' physical!
Hear, hear!

Oh, and if the A1c is positive, a complete diagnosis including Type, current level of pancreas function and the like, would also be nice.

Welcome, SufeeGuy! :welcome:

Your insight is delightful. Very glad you found us!
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