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I've had quite a ride today... especially this afternoon when I arrived at the hotel for my Grandad's 88th high tea party. It started out with me suddenly realising I was having a hypo in the lobby. I got into the dining room and sat down and I think may have swore when I saw the number on my meter... 4... obviously starting to come back up. I was sitting there shoving lollies in my mouth and still shaking a fair bit... wasn't impressed. Then of course the food came out... all the typical high tea stuff... and because I was so low on the BGL and sitting right next to dear Grandad I joined right in opting for the scone with cream instead of the extreme sweet stuff. Then came the birthday cake and I had the smallest amount of that... got to my car and tested at 16.9... my bad! Well I don't eat birthday cakes and go to high teas everyday I guess. Grandad thoroughly enjoyed himself with the rest of the family. I thought I had burnt some energy entertaining the littlies... but obviously not enough. Mind you I tested only half hour after that cake. After dropping so low and then soaring so high... what a ride. I just wished I didn't have that hypo... seem to have them at really inconvenient times during the day. Luckily I wasn't still driving.
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