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I just joined this, and another diabetes forum, because, for the first time in my diabetic life, I am having difficulty with control and stabilizing my every day BGS, and I need the assistance of the real experts with this disease... EACH OF YOU! :clap2:

It hasn't taken me long to read through a lot of different topics, and see just what a wonderful group of people you are. Reading through the many posts in different topics, I've developed a new appreciation for my own problems, simply through reading about yours. It is great to have a group like this, because in the end, we are truly a unique breed of people fighting a unique disease. No one but another diabetis truly knows what we are going through each time we have to prick a finger to test our BS. No one really knows how deep our fears of complications goes. No one understands how imprisoned we feel, because this disease goes everywhere we go, and it brings with it a host of unknown complications and new problems with each waking, or, sleeping hour.

In just the first few days of my being here, I have come to admire each and everyone of you for you ability to make sure that you share from the heart your life experiences, to help your brothers and sisters maintain the positive fight to keep this disease at an arms-length, or more. I appreciate your love, and the manner through which you stress the importance of following your treatment plan, exercising, and looking for new ways to be creative with your diet restrictions in order to get the very best out of the food you are limited to! And I've come across some fantastic resources, that without your taking the time to share, many of us would never have thought to look in that direction for extra support and help in managing this disease.

This group and forum are a necessary part in helping your fellow humans to cope and overcome the negative that this disease works so hard to tie each of us up with on most days.

Thanks to the person, or, persons who started this forum and maintains it. This is the greatest piece of medical assistance that the majority of us have to turn to when we begin to think were are stranded on that island, all alone, with no help on the horizon.

I'm very glad to be here, and I only hope that my posts, threads, and comments are as valuable to others as the comments I've found to be helpful and valuable to me, thus far! It is a personal privilege to be able to help our fellow humans and be able to lift up those who have hit the proverbial "bump-in-the-road" :bump: as they struggle to live their life to its fullest against the odds that this disease and its subsequent complications continue to lay at their doorsteps ever so often.


Pastor Paul :typing:
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