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We make yogurt regularly at home. But once a while we buy -- we buy "organic" Greek yogurt and "organic" regular plain yogurt from a nearby health food store. The people at the store were unable to give a satisfactory explanation as to what "organic" meant in relation to yogurt. I was wondering if it could mean any or all of the following:

1. The milk for the yogurt was obtained from a cow that is grass fed, allowed to graze freely, and lives in a more or less natural environment

2. The milk used is whole milk, not "homogenized" or "skimmed"

3. The milk is not pasteurized

4. The ingredients of the yogurt are only milk and starter (perhaps bacterial culture)

I don't think that they can use non-pasteurized milk as I believe it is illegal in Canada. Except for pasteurization, can "organic" mean any or all of the above? Or does it mean something else?

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