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Hi! I'm Frank by name and sometime by nature :p

I see some "old friends" here from my old haunt... a place we shall never speak of again but it has an uncannily similar Forum name :)

52 year old. Father of a wonderful 19 year old son who recently made the Dean's list at his University.

First career was a a Registered Nurse... initially in the British Royal Navy and then in isolated communities on the Labrador coast of Canada. Now I work as a Software Analyst.

Diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome -- Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Obesity, Fatty Liver etc... etc... -- in March 2003. I hadn't seen a Doctor in 12 years prior to that, so gawd knows how long I had been developing Diabetes. :eek:

Started early on Insulin: Multiple Daily Injections of basal + bolus (MDI), and then using an Insulin Pump.

Thought I was doing OK. I believe "knowledge is power" so I was researching extensively and an active part of my own health care team but I guess I was swept along by the "mainstream" thinking and it was only after joining that other nameless forum that I first heard about low-carb as an option :eek:

I read Gary Taubes "Good Calories Bad Calories" and immediately realised what I had been doing wrong all that time and why on insulin I had gained over 100lbs in excess fat storage in just the previous 12 months... despite good Blood Glucose (BG) control.

Before I even read Dr Bernstein's "Diabetes Solution" or Dr Atkins "New Diet Revolution" I had already gone "cold turkey" and cut everything out of my diet (what I eat) that listed more than 1g Carbohydrate per serving. I lost 25lbs in the first 2 months but more amazingly, for the first time in 25 years I was no longer hungry all the time... as soon as one meal was finished planning for the next.

Meantime in an effort to gain control I had asked my Doctor about Bariatric surgery... and suddenly I found myself short-listed for a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) in a couple of weeks time. I was torn as; I finally felt that the low-carb diet was my key BUT I also knew the VSG would speed along my weight-loss efforts and with the health system in Nova Scotia if I declined now I may never get the surgery offered again. I wish I'd had more time to be sure about the low-carb diet but on balance went ahead with the surgery. I don't regret that decision but it does muddy the water when I try to explain my improved health.

I am now 100lbs lighter than before starting the low-carb diet and the VSG. I am no longer using the insulin pump and my daily insulin total has gone down from a peak of around 130u to just 10u of Levemir each night now.

I am very enthusiastic about the low-carb/high-fat dietary approach, not just for managing Diabetes but because it fits in with what I am convinced is closer to our real natural diet... Real Whole Food.



OK , now how do I add a signature?
Welcome Frank! I hope you will feel comfortable here. We are glad to have you as a member. Visit often and share what you want to. Take care.
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