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Wow! Great paper Linda! Sorry I didn't get to it sooner but I have been on the road for my job over the last fortnight. I read it TWICE on the plane(s) home yesterday and intend to read it again (and then again) to digest all the goodies it contains -- including the references they use.

This paper really gets to the heart of the issues many of us are facing: everything from unnecessary Saturated fat-phobia, through insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, chronic inflammation. An highly recommended paper which explains a very great deal and brings together many of the things I have been working through myself in recent years... and even make s practical suggestions as to what approach we need going forward from here.

I had a big satisfied grin on my face while reading it -- finally someone else in the research community sees the "big picture"!

Thanks for posting this.... if you haven't already done so, I intend to pass it on to other forums and bloggers :)
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