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PB squares

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Step 1: Heat up a jar’s worth of peanut butter on the stove till it gets to a nice liquid consistency

Step 2: Add in a sweetener of your choice (granulated monk fruit sweetener works well IMHO) and then stir in almond flour until you reach a thick, doughy consistency

Step 3: Move mixture to a 9x9 Pyrex container to start cooling

Step 4: Melt some high% cacao dark chocolate and pour in a layer on top of the PB (can also use unsweetened dark mixed with sweetener if preferred)

Refrigerate, and enjoy
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I’m guessing it could use more almond flour to thicken. I generally add till it essentially congeals into a big lump, which then gets transferred over to the Pyrex and molded into place. After it’s cooled in the fridge, it takes some effort to cut it with a knife.
I’m wondering if the type of PB makes a difference. I just use regular creamy, not the natural or anything fancy.
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