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Permanent Cure for Diabetes Type 2

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My father is having typ2 2 diabetes for past 10 years now.
Till now he managed to avoid Insulin by proper diet control but now he is finding it difficult and has moved onto Insulin.

Recenting i read an article in newspaer saying that for obese people having Type 2 diabetes Gastric Bypass was done which not only cured theh obesity but also irradicated Diabetes as well.

This treatment works for non obese person as well.

i went and met the doctor and they tell me that by aproscopy they do some intestional rearrangement which cures diabetes permanently.

I wanted my father to go for this operation but not sure how many people have already tried this or not? whether this eorks or not?

BTW teh doctors sound very confident that the patient can be permanently cured in this way.
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I read the article about gastric by-pass surgery curing Type 2...asked my doctor about this (in Canada you can get this surgery for free if you are morbidly obese). Although I could qualify, my doctor says that by-passing your stomach to cure diabetes is like removing your eyes to prevent blindness. Gastric by-pass is serious surgery with many complications and ongoing maintenance, regular vomiting, etc. The lifestyle changes required to live with gastric by-pass are far more restrictive than the lifestyle changes required to live a healthy life with diabetes.
Not to mention that there is a high mortality rate.
John, i understand your feeling towards health care companies and your complains are true. I do not think they would ever give up the money they are currently making to help us get cured but as a doctor, i will like to advice you not to give up on us! You see, i believe that even though medicine is so dependant on pharmaceutical science, well wishing doctors could research cure for diabetes soon but it is not going to be a cheap one either. lol
So, when you go for your regular check ups, never stop asking your doctor for a cure. He might just decide to help you with the secret to cure your diabetes( type 2 only) as i doubt there will ever be a cure for type 1 sufferers.
I like to be optimistic, but I don't think that there is a "secret cure" for type 2 diabetes yet. There is ongoing research everyday, and perhaps one day there will be a cure.
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