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Permanent Cure for Diabetes Type 2

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My father is having typ2 2 diabetes for past 10 years now.
Till now he managed to avoid Insulin by proper diet control but now he is finding it difficult and has moved onto Insulin.

Recenting i read an article in newspaer saying that for obese people having Type 2 diabetes Gastric Bypass was done which not only cured theh obesity but also irradicated Diabetes as well.

This treatment works for non obese person as well.

i went and met the doctor and they tell me that by aproscopy they do some intestional rearrangement which cures diabetes permanently.

I wanted my father to go for this operation but not sure how many people have already tried this or not? whether this eorks or not?

BTW teh doctors sound very confident that the patient can be permanently cured in this way.
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I see that this is not a cure as there is other reasons in your body that has made you a Diabetic. This operation is in short restricts your eating habits.

The real cure is Lifestyle!! Eat the right foods, Exercise!!
I am also exploring options to possibly cure it permanently.


There is no such thing of a cure for Diabetes Pronto!!! There's no operation that will do this so called cure!!!
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