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Your triglycerides will drop like a rock once you adopt the LCHF food plan. Your other lipids won't be quite so dramatic, but they will also align themselves much more positively - HDL will increase & LDL will decrease. BUT! it doesn't work unless you eliminate carbs - NO bread, NO spuds either. There's no need to be leery unless you try to sneak in carbs. You've been directed to naynay's thread, and I can attest that my own husband's triglycerides dropped from 379 to 138. You can do it, Jac - just make up your mind to do it.

The fish fry was as Moon said - the breading on the fish and those few fries you ate. There was prob'ly sugar in the slaw too. I'm really leery of anyone else's cooking - no telling what seasonings/condiments might be there.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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