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I don't know what is up with your sites, but I've had problems like that from time to time. First question I would ask you is: have you changed body wash or body lotion since you came to Japan? Do you think that the water for your bath or shower is different from where you lived in America?

For me personally when I visit relatives who live in another state and they have really hard water, my skin feels irritated after a shower at their home.

Also now that it is approaching Winter my skin is much more sensitive than usual.

Have you always used the same infusion sets since you started on the pump? Do you use alcohol swab or any kind of skin prep before you change your set? These questions aren't meant to be intrusive - just trying to help you figure it out.

Have you ever tried Tegaderm before you insert the infusion set? I know I've read on other diabetic forums where people would cut out a little hole for the cannula and apply the Tegaderm before they inserted the cannula.

Hope you can figure out what these spots are that are bothering you. That has to be really annoying.

Does it really cost that much for you to see a Doctor there?
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