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Hello All-

I need your opinion/advice.

In November I was standing under a bright light and happened to look up into a mirror and was absolutely shocked to see my scalp. I have always had thick, hair. I FREAKED out. Started going to doctors. Family doctor and dermatologist each did blood work and said everything was in "normal range." I finally was referred to an endocrinologist.

I was prepared to hear the same thing from the Endo but it was not to be.

On 12/17 I was diagnosed with having PCOS, insulin resistant, pre-diabetic. I was prescribed metformin. Told to start with 500 mg and work up to 2,000.

The results of the labwork were as follows:

The doctor told me he was so glad I could come in before he left for the holidays. He said he was afraid someone would look at the results and tell me everything was okay. His thoughts were several things were going on and while in range ...he didn't think they were "normal." We discussed ADA and he really thought I was pre-diabetic (this was just prior to ADA lowering pre-diabetes to 5.7)

I was pretty shocked and immediately went home and booked an appt with another doctor for a second opinion.

I saw her about ten days ago. She looked at the lab work the first doc provided. She wasn't sure I had PCOS, thought something was probably going on with insulin. She wanted to me to take the glucose tolerance test but to do so, I needed to quit taking the Met. I was reluctant to do this because it took me so long to get used to the stuff but finally agreed. I was up to 1500 mg. I had taken 500 mg that morning and she said to quit and come back in a week for the GTT.

So the results of GTT:
a1c-94/ 5.22
1 hour-140
2 hours-104

The nurse called me and said the doctor did NOT think I was pre-diabetic. I asked for the numbers (provided above) and said in my research and with reading this board those numbers still seemed higher than normal. She repeated what the doctor said. I asked her about the insulin resistance and PCOS and she said she would have to ask the doctor. Still haven't gotten a response (Although I did call again).

So, now I don't know what to do. 3rd opinion? Start back on Met? Maybe I wasn't off the met long enough before GTT? Maybe my insulin resistance had improved under met and I had a better GTT?

What do you guys think?

I really appreciate your input. I am so frustrated. I want to do the right thing but what is the right diagnosis?

Thanks, Tina
(BTW I had lost 20 lbs on Met in about 6 weeks). In the almost two weeks I have been off of it I have gained 6lbs ;-(

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Welcome to our forum, Tina . . . good to meet you. Your numbers seem pretty borderline, and I don't know about going off met for anything except surgical procedures, so I'm not much help there. Met has definitely helped me lose weight too, so I intend to continue taking it. It took a little getting used to, but I have no side effects from it anymore.

Is there diabetes in your family? Do you have other risk factors for it? Seems to me if nothing else transpires, it would be good to consider this whole confusing episode as an early warning signal. Begin watching your blood sugar levels (are you testing now? Do you have a meter?) & making any dietary corrections that could help postpone a firm diagnosis of diabetes. There is a lot of knowledge & wisdom on this forum, so keep us posted . . . the "not knowing" is always the worst!

take care,

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