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In the words of my son serving in Iraq; "it is what it is. Deal with it by doing what works". I suspect I will have the same problems at some time and need to recover from them. Just had my first ice cream two nights ago, 1/2 cup @ 20 grams. Made myself take 10 minutes to eat most of it and drink the rest. Never knew I had that much self control! I guess it is the incentive that helps. I guess that my attitude about food helps (food is to keep you alive, if it tastes good, that is a bonus), I am used to eating food to maintain life and energy, only occasionally slowing down to actually evaluate it.

A little more history: I was diagnosed with type 2 on the 7th of this July, the 8th told I have begining cataracts, the 11th I was in the hospital with a blod clot that went from my groin to my ankle, the 14th I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Back at work and feeling better than I have for years. Only drawback is that I cannot travel long distances to see my wife yet. hoping that changes in the next month.

BUT, as the little beggar says, "it is what it is. Deal with it by doing what works".

So I am!
Welcome to the forum. I am amazed at how quickly you have figured out the baloney that dietiticians, ADA, etc. have been feeding those of us blessed with Diabetes. I think you came here wanting to learn, but just reading your posts has taught me a lot already.

You have had a lot to deal with in a very short period of time. I have also been visited by the Sleep Apnea fairy and I could not get along very well at all without my CPap machine. Be good to yourself and try not to worry too much.

Please thank the little beggar for me for serving his country. Both my Dad and my brother are 4 year veterans of the Navy.
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