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Pork rind revelation

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Tonight's dinner was homemade chicken soup -- bone broth with -- well, it kind of clears out the fridge. Sometimes I put shredded cabbage in it, sometimes jalapeños or diced Anaheim peppers; sometimes it has a traditional flavor profile (thyme, sage, onion); sometimes it has a more Asian profile (liquid aminos, garlic, ginger). Tonight I threw in some extra cauliflower rice I had defrosted.

It was good. But I was eating some pork rinds for crunch along with the soup and accidentally ended up with some in the soup. Well, wow, I'm using pork rinds in my chicken soup from now on. They pretty much soften on contact but the texture is fairly noodle-like (for someone who does not eat noodles). Not at all like miracle noodles; there's some texture to these. Even Mrs. itissteve liked it that way.

I used ALDI's plain pork rinds; they're not as salty as some and less puffy than some brands. I'm not sure this would work with, say, BBQ flavor. But, hey, experiment! I'm glad I did.
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Finally found them in my store, but they're called Cracklins. Love 'em!
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