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Position of Pump Affects the Flow of Insulin

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The position of the pump can influence the effectiveness of the flow of the insulin into our bodies. Here is the article from Diabetes Health.

Changes in the Position of Conventional Insulin Pumps Shown to Significantly Impact Accuracy of Insulin Delivery - Diabetes Health

I gather from this that the flow is best when the pump is located on the body above the tubing, so the insulin is flowing downward. It is poorest when the pump is below the tubing and the insulin is flowing upward. That explains why i get lower BG numbers when my pump is on my belt and the site is on my lower ab or legs. The insulin is always flowing downward in those situations. If my pump was on my belt and my site was on my upper ab, above my belt, then the flow would be less effective since it would travel in an upward direction.
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I thought that the pumps today were supposed prvide enough constant pressure so that it didn't matter. My tubing is always lower than my site any ways so it really wouldn't matter if my pump was higher.
Many people doubt the research that was done, because Insulet did it. Insulet is the company that makes the Omnipod pump. Omnipod came out on top in the research. We would need to be there and see the sampling technique and how all steps were completed before we could know if the results were biased, or not.
I still have not used my leg for a pump site. I was wanting to try it but not sure what part of the leg is best. My thighs are pretty muscular really...can I still use them?
You can still use your legs. the best place is on the outer thigh. I have used my legs for 38 plus years
You can still use your legs. the best place is on the outer thigh. I have used my legs for 38 plus years
Thanks! I have to change my site tomorrow, I think I will try it. I was sort of scared it would be too close to the muscle there, but my leg is probably fatter than I think it is LOL!
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