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Hi folks

Was wondering if anyone could point me at both a Powerpoint presentation and / or posters suitable for the office.

Either or both should be suitable for presenting the basic facts,symptoms and warning signs to co-workers, so that they might see the warningsignsand at least call on the office first aiders for help.

Last night I had a hypo in a mall after injecting myself with Novologinannticipation of eating soon, only to be delayed and going hypo as the insulin kicked in before I ate.

The reaction in the mall ranged from "he's way too drunk" to "he's a junkie" and to "stay away from him I might catch it also". General ignorance I guess. Only my wife's intervention and a chocolate shake stopped me from backing out completely.

At work I'm lucky because there are a couple of other sufferers and a good team of first aiders, and the office just happens to be right next door to Memoria Hermann Hospita in Houston.

However, a shortbasic Powerpoint presentationfforoffice meeting"safety moments" and / or some posters for the office notice boards explaining in basic terms what diabetetes is and how to spot the symptoms and intervene eary would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.
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