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I've had high fasting bg for over 6 years now, usually 98-115. I'm not overweight but not exactly healthy when it comes to diet or exercise either.

In 2010, it was discovered incidentally during routine blood work at Kaiser, that I had high pancreatic lipase levels, around 4x over the reference range. When test came back, doctor called told me go to ER, even though I had no symptoms whatsoever, no pain or nausea. They ran ct scan, ultrasound and admitted me based on numbers. Even by 3rd day my lipase was 3x over limit. Doctors were baffled and did not diagnose me with pancreatitis since I did not fit criteria and just sent me home.

4 years later, doctor ordered MRCP just to be safe and it was normal, even though I had slightly elevated lipase, still. Docs said I had benign thing called macrolipasmia. I always pressed doctors to order EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasound)done since it was gold standard test for pancreatic disease but doctors refused since I was asymptomatic.

Now my gastro seen the A1C of 5.8 and is ordering me the EUS test (same one he refused to give me for years.) Now I'm freaked out and I cant get pancreatic cancer out of my head.

My 32nd bday is this weekend and now I'm worried, especially since I have serious anxiety issues. Anyone dealt with high pancreas numbers?
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