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Welcome to the forums, Sascha! One of the first things we learn here is that when we go see those docs/dieticians/nutritionists that give us horrible dietary advice, the best thing to do is nod and smile. Repeat when necessary. Then do what YOU know is best for YOU.

Meters are not accurate but the are one of the only tools that we have and if we remember that there is a +/- 20% margin of error, they are perfectly fine tools to use. Find one that gives you consistent values and stick with it. If you know it is reading low, just keep that in mind. There is one meter that has a +/- 10% margin of error and as far as I know, it's the only one out there are will likely be expensive for strips. That extra 10% isn't really necessary either.

Like Shanny states, this is not a death sentence. What it is is a wake-up call. (dammit, she said that too!) Use it to become healthier! You'll feel so much better about yourself by doing so. And testing is important as Pat mentioned but don't simply test after you eat without thinking WHY you are doing so. Your reason should not be to see how high you meal has put you (that's secondary). Use you testings to help you determine what foods cause your levels to spike and what foods do not. I don't pay for my strips so I was testing very frequently....both at 1 hour and 2 hours after eating a meal. If I was still in testing mode, I would eat one food that I wanted to test and do the same procedure.

Again, welcome and breathe! :)
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