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Good evening all,

This is probably going to be a bit of an essay but bare with me!

I have been type 1 since I was 4 yrs old and my diabetes will be 25 yrs old this year. My diabetes as always been a challenge and the last few years especially. In 2009 I had an infection which caused massive yoyoing and resulted in me having a hypoglycaemic fit, which I hadn't had in over 10 years. After a period in hospital I was devastated to find out I had lost my hypo awareness, so no longer felt the signs of a hypo. This altered my life dramatically as I had to give up driving and be redeployed from a community nursing post to an admin post.
I have also just found out that I have nerve damage to my bladder, which I have to learn to self catheterise as my bladder doesn't empty by itself. I have also been on high bp tablets for 10yrs too.

I have never regained my hypo awareness despite being put on an insulin pump and I am extremely fortunate to have a hypo alert dog who lets me know when my levels are changing due to a body odour change! He really has changed my life...

Well background over with. I've now made the decision to give up work and focus on my health. My fiancée and I are getting married in October and want to start a family.

I'm very nervous and excited about this and have already researched into diabetes and pregnancy. Luckily my last HAB1c was 7.2 so got another blood test next week.

I would just like to hear from other T1 diabetes and hear how they managed preconception and during pregnancy. I do worry my pre existing neuropathies may cause problems in trying to conceive and holding the pregnancy. But trying not to be in 'steel magnolias' frame of mind as diabetes care is much more advanced nowadays

I'm probably worrying way to much and I am awaiting a consultant appointment but I so want to do everything right.

Many thanks in advance


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