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I just learn this If you are Hypertensive now then u have a higher chance to develope into Diabetic is a new term known as Methabolic syndrome.
being a hypertensive at 30s have driven me to dig for info and remedy to prevent diabetic. And I would like to share with u guys.

1.)According to Many hypertension guidelines the usage of ACE/ARB for treatment of hypertension has the effect to delay the new onset of Diabetic much more superior then other anti hypertensive group.
I have choosen Diovan for mum and myself and Exforge for Dad both are ARBs or Arb/CCB group.

2.)Plus many Drs adviced me to check on the Insulin level for hypertensive even for non diabetic patients, as the high level of insulin may be induced by high Level of Glucose. In that case Start treatment of Metfomin low dose early will also help to prolong the full grown diabetic.

I would share more tips with u guys once I have new discoveries.
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