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I am about to undergo PRK laser eye surgery to correct my near-eyesightedness.

I am a little afraid about possible consequences due to my Type-1 diabetes, especially the possibility of having scars or other unexpected complications.

I would appreciate any advice from fellow diabetics who have undergone similar treatment.

Thank you

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Welcome Xavier:

Great name! :)

As you know PRK, Lasik and Lasek are the techniques available
for your situation. I've researched them all and all the reading
I've done on different sites mainly came to the same conclusions.

Some qualified Drs. will perform(some won't)elective laser procedures
on Patients with Diabetes but some complication(s)may result. Some
will be minor and acceptable to the Patient and some will not be
acceptable. These would have to be treated, if it would be feasible.

Just to give you an idea of some minor complications from laser:

I have only had laser done on my left eye due to Proliferative
Retinopathy many years ago. There is some scar tissue so my
peripheral vision on that side isn't too hot. That is because I
moved some during the treatment. I'm not Happy about that
but I didn't have a choice. I am allowed to drive if need be.

I also had cataract removal in 2006 and that mostly went well.
My blood sugar was Good. The pressure in my left eye was quite
high for a short while which is not uncommon. My Ophthalmologist
gave me a prescription for Travatan so my pressure is Fine.

I do see slight lighted rays when looking at lights and a quick
flash of gold light when I'm walking and the lights are on. Although
distracting, they are both acceptable to me.

If you are about, you may have noticed that I sent you a pm. I hope
that it is useful to you. We wish you confidence in making
your decision and a successful result if you go ahead with any of the procedures. Good Luck!

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Hi Xavier! Just an FYI - I have type 1 diabetes and underwent Lasik this last August. I'm so glad that I did! The most important thing to avoid complications of the surgery is tight glycemic control immediately before, during and after the procedure. Higher blood glucose levels will increase the risk of complications. Good luck with the procedure - I'm SO glad I did it!

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Hey everyone, just wondering if you need any further documents/paperwork before having laser eye treament from you gp/practitioner. I've got type 1 diabetes and i'm seriously considering having my eyes lasered. I'm worried about long term after-care and the fact that im slightly off course with my blood sugar levels at the minute. (22 year old male enjoys having a few pints through the week not in excess) thanks. Steve
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