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Lively discussions are going on in other forums and blogs on the relevance of probiotics and prebiotics for diabetics. In fact, not for diabetics alone but everyone for keeping good health. The salient points that emerge from these discussions, as I understood them, are:

1. The human body is host to a very large number of micro organisms - in other words there are a very large number of bacteria that live in our body.

2. Most of these bacteria colonize our guts.

3. There are good and bad bacteria - the good ones promoting our health and keeping in check the bad ones; and the bad ones causing deterioration of our health.

4. In as yet not well understood ways, the condition of our guts and diabetes are related. It is even thought that unhealthy condition of the guts promote inflammation causing insulin resistance and finally diabetes.

5. Our ancestors had many more kinds of good bacteria in their guts. Modern diet is thought to have caused some of these good types of bacteria to become extinct.

6. Some medicines, especially antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria indiscriminately.

7. We can help good bacteria to re-colonize our guts by ingesting probiotics (which are a collection of various strains of good bacteria) through yogurt or enteric coated capsules.

8. Yogurt consumption helps the good bacteria.

9. Yogurt is best made at home. It is still better to use 'probiotic starters' to make 'probiotic yogurt'.

10. 'Pre-biotics' are soluble fibers that help the growth of 'probiotics'.

There is much more to probiotics and prebiotics than what I have summarized above. As some have pointed out, there are some risks also associated with the consumption of probiotics. But to me personally, the risk appears to be far less than being hit by an automobile on the road, or being involved in an airplane crash, or being bitten by a dog in leash being walked by its owner (sorry, the last one is a real, tangible risk in my neighbourhood :D)

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