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Most People who are dxd. with Type 1 Diabetes have the "grace period"
or Honeymoon Phase. I don't know if I had it since I was 3 when dxd.

This alpha-interferon supposedly prolongs the honeymoon which would
be fine since much less Insulin is necessary then. On the other hand,
I'd be concerned about taking such a strong drug for the purpose of
prolonging the honeymoon period. Knowing the percent of risk vs benefit
would certainly be something I'd want to know if I were in that situation.
The Girl in the article has had her honeymoon prolonged for 3 years.
That's decent.

Prolong The Diabetes Honeymoon: Healthy For Life from the Eyewitness News Newsroom

Adverse effects of Interferon(IFN)

The most frequent adverse effects are flu-like symptoms: increased body
temperature, feeling ill, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, convulsion, dizziness,
hair thinning, and depression. Erythema, pain and hardness on the spot of
injection are also frequently observed. Interferon therapy causes immunosuppression, in particular though neutropenia and can result in some infections manifesting in unusual ways. All known adverse effects are usually reversible and disappear a few days after the therapy has been finished.

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