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Put Dexcom G7 on last night

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G7 is a lot easier to put on.

I read that Dexcom has made a month of G7 available for sale at some pharmacies for like 80 something dollars. For those who are really anxious to try.

I had problems starting G7 app on iPhone. For some reason the app felt I was not in US, would not allow me to set password, therefore would not take me to next step in App. so I shut down iPhone 14 plus and started again. Then the Dexcom G7 App started throwing at me advertising for the writer of the App. Oracle. Like Java 20 is here. Let us tell you all about it. I would guess Oracle software developers must be smoking too many doobies.

I went to the Dexcom Chat site. Seemed the problem might relate to I am trying to use another email, phone number with G7. Fellow suggested I use my computer, reset my password. Which, seems to be, now we have a thing where we enter an email, and a login name, which must be different. I think that is different than before. Or maybe I just tripped over this before. Finally got new password set. As the time had come for the App helper person was to finish his day. I suggested we should go our separate ways. that I would delete the Dexcom G7 App. and reinstall Dexcom G7 App.

Dexcom chat fellow was friendly.

I also deleted the G6 App as that might have been a problem as well. Restarted the iPhone 14 Plus. and installed the Dexcom G7 App.

I suspect there is some kind of delay on the other end about validating what I am doing. That is, however it verifies I am in US, it takes a minute or two, and I am trying to move on immediately. Since I had already sent a verification link from my email to Dexcom. This time the G7 App just let me log in. and started telling me to put on the G7. Also interesting. The app did not directly describe how to put the G7 onto me. There were two bits separate pieces of documentation in box with G7. One was about Diabetes. (Calibrate the G7 with a Blood Glucose Meter.. Do not make treatment decisions from the G7, do a finger stick to verify) The smaller documentation is with the over patch for the G7. This one describes plugging the G7 onto me. (If adult patient used the abdomen for previous Continuous Glucose Monitor, then use the back of the arm. Children can use top of buttocks, and . . . ) Since the battery is already inside the G7, that saves some trouble. G7 applicator is a round thick tube several inches wide. five six inches high. Screw on lid. Clean target area on back of arm. Wipe it thoroughly with Alcohol. Let Alcohol dry. And dry. Unscrew lid on stubby tube. Put open top on arm. Release button on site. Spring loaded like G6. Wham. That did hurt a bit. Might be my imagination. Not nearly as much as stabbing fingers. Go to App on iPhone. There is a four digit code on side of bottle. Also a QR code in the paper work. and another on side of bottle, as you might prefer to use. The four digit code is to Pair blue tooth. It already started thirty minute warm up period.

As instructions say. Put on OverPatch. More bandage to cover the edges around Sensor. Keep it on better. Also a much easier OverPatch than to put on than G6 overpatch. Better instructions too.

The first large sheet of documentation had a bunch about how to treat diabetes. Not sure if it covered Ketosis very well. Or Liver Dump warning very well. Hope I got every thing I meant to say here.
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foodahollic I have a feeling you've saved some new G7 users some very frustrating minutes or hours. Thanks for the report. Interested to see how things go once you've had it on a few days.
I got my G7 from DME, through Medicare.

The reason I changed my email account to use with Dexcom Account was because the email account, that was my previous email account, I could not install anywhere else, because of two factor Idenification related to phone number, and I changed my phone number. The email is Google, who has a policy that after a month, I can get back into my google account, and reset phone number used for 2FA. but Google did not comply with their rule.

My advice. Avoid 2FA if at all possible. I have had trouble with several accounts, and resetting 2FA with a new phone number (when I did not have old phone number)

Avoid 2 FA at all costs.
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