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Hi Folks,

I was diagnosed as type 2 almost 2 years ago. I've shed the excess weight and got my glucose under control (A1C 5.9, Fasting 100-110) but I was still having problems with my Neuropathy getting worse so I had the Doc run a whole battery of tests, one of which showed that my B1 levels were basically unmeasureable (<7 nmol/L) which is probably what was causing the Neuropathy.

Anyway, one of the things I had them check was my fasting insulin level.
My insulin was 3.1 uIU/mL, but my glucose was at about 110.

With Type 2 wouldn't the insulin levels typically be higher than that? I was under the impression that with Type 2 your insulin levels are higher than normal.

The Doc's not worried, I'm just trying to understand this as much as I can.

P.s. I've been taking 100mg of thiamine (B1) for a bit over a month now and my fasting glucose has dropped down down below 100 most days, even into the 80s occasionally. I'm thinking about stopping the Metformin and seeing what happens.

Some of my other stats FWIW:
Recent test:
BP 117/74
Cholesterol 157
HDL 41
Triglyceride 82

When diagnosed in Feb 2010:
BP 118/76
Glucose 315
A1C 12.1
Cholesterol 154
HDL 32 (I have to exercise a LOT to get my HDL up)
Triglyceride 120

In addition to the 850mg Metformin twice a day I take:
Adderall Xr 15mg (ADD)
Aspirin 82 mg x 1
Thiamine 50mg x 2

Cinnamon 1000mg x 2
Alpha Lypoic Acid 200mg x2
Acetyl L-Carnitine 400mg x 2
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