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I tried to post this awhile ago but I don't know where the post went.
Anyway, I'm having a lot of problems...I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 ten yrs ago. This past year, I've lost a lot of the point of being anorexic. It got to where I ate mostly cold cereals, if I tried to have eggs and toast, I got sick, and if I eat a crepe, I am so sick, I can't even function.
I have a new NP and she said I am too thin to be affected by diabetes 2 and also my bloodwork was near normal in regard to diabetic numbers. She said not to take the amaryl, even occasionally, that I had been taking sometimes.
I am so confused because when I checked my fasting blood sugar the other morning, it was 180, and most all carbs make me terribly sick.
I do have other issues but they shouldn't be causing this weight loss. I've had a CT Scan, an abdominal MRI and there is a hemanglioma on my liver but I can't find where that causes weight loss, it seems to be a fairly common liver problem and not life threatening.
Ok, after all of this rattling, I am wanting to know if the blood work for diabetes tells the whole story because I feel like I have out of control diabetes going on, right down to peeing a lot if I eat carbs, especially at night.
Thank you for any input!
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