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Questions about my Diabetes symptoms

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Hi, I'm brand new here. I was diagnosed about 4 months ago, and I'm still not taking medication, trying to handle it with diet and exercise, and I guess I don't fully believe I have Diabetes. Anyways...I've been a very bad patient, eating chocolate and not exercising since Christmas time. Stopped my diet and exercise program to look after my father just before Christmas, and haven't been able to get myself back on track.

Tonight I was feeling very light headed and dizzy. Then I had a couple sips of my son's slurpy and I felt better. But I have type 2, and I'm not sure why this would happen. I ate chocolate in the early afternoon, and I had just had a good supper and went for a walk after. The dizziness started while I was on my walk.

I've been sleeping a whole lot lately, and I know that's a typical symptom, but I don't get the dizziness part of it?

Anyone have any thoughts?
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Hi There Christina: :)

That was Nice of you to look after your Dad during such a busy season.

You're experiencing what many Diabetics experience which is the denial. It's because your in shock and your mind and heart are trying to accept this Bad surprise/result. You will eventually pass through this stage. Some accept this condition within weeks, while others take many years.

A Good percentage of Type 2's can stay medication-free with just diet and exercises for a lot of years, thankfully.

In regards to the dizziness, perhaps you got more exercise than you realized. Type 2's do have Insulin working, as you know.

Or possibly the dizziness wasn't caused by Diabetes at all but from the many other reasons for it. Like low blood pressure, or meds for other conditions. I'm Glad that you felt better after the sips. A slurpy is a "cheerful" drink with lots of sugar. Perhaps it just gave you a boost.

It's a Good idea to write down anything out of the ordinary that occurs concerning your health. Logging your blood sugar levels, what you ate, how much exercise you had, etc. is helpful to your Dr. Testing your blood sugar when symptoms like dizziness, unusual fatique, headaches, blurry vision, etc. occurs, can tell you whether or not Diabetes is the likely cause.

Welcome to our Community.
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