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radical diet, danger

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hi i dont speek english to well but i will try and explain my prblem.

i want to loose some waight and started eating very little and i am doing sport every day.

i take basal insulin in the eavening. and a few units along the day.

i eat about 50 grams of carbohydrates a day.

do i run danger of a ketoazidosis? or is that impossible if my bloodsugar levels are normal?

thanks alot
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Minimum carbs?Calories for weight loss?

about carbs:
True,your brain requires about 100 grams of glucose.
You can function just fine with zero carb intake because you body will
either use stored glycogen or your liver will produce the required glucose
from stored protein.Note that,on a restricted carb intake,fat and protein
must replace carbs.I probably average about 50 grams of carbs per day
and I function okay.
about calories and weight loss:
Beware of very low calorie diets.They will cause your body to go into
starvation mode and shut down your metabolism to a very inefficient
state.Probably better to calculate your minimum calories for a day and subtract something like 700.Optimal weight loss is slow-maybe a pound or 2
a week.Starvation/fasting for a period of time greater than 3 days causes
damage to the body-you lose muscle rather than fat.
Diet pills:"This must work.I can't lie on television."
Happiness and good glucose levels to all
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