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Re: Microalbuminuria-Lab test report-Opinin

Dear Sirs,
Sub: Microalbuminuria-Lab test report result

I am now aged 63 years old. I am a diabetes patient for the past 20 years. I am taking the following medicines on daily basis:
Name of Medicine Morning Evening
Human Mixtard Insulin 30 30 pts. 25 pts.
T. Zilos 25 mg (For BP) 1 (After meals)
T. Rivotrillo 0.5 mg (For heal pain) 1 1 (After meals)
T. Glimulin-20 2 mg 1 1 (Before meals)
T. Recarb-25 25 mg 1 1 (While eating)

Yesterday I had undergone urinary Microalbuminuria test in a leading bio. Lab. I had given my urine at early morning 7.00 a.m. The report of the lab test is mentioned as below:
Test Name Results Units Normal ranges
Microalbumin >200 mg/L 12hrs night collection 1.12 to 7.08
24hrs collection 2.6 to 16.6 (Nephelometry Method)

I had approached my doctor along with the above lab test report. My doctor told me that this is beginning/early stage and it can be cured and need not to worry about it. He says that the tablet Zilos 25 mg,(For BP) which is already being taken by me ie., one tablet per day is sufficient to reduce the leakage of protein. He advised me to reduce dhal in diet. I had tested my urine (Protein uria test) at my doctor's lab for about one year back and the test report was 46 mg as against the normal value of 30 mg. Simultaneously, I had tested my urine at out side other lab, in which the report showed as 36 mg as against 30 mg. As far as my blood glucose level is concerned, it is almost with in the limit. I have no BP and no cholesterol. I think now the microalbumin has increased very abnormally and I am not able to find out the reason for the same. What is the difference between Microalbuminuria test and Protein Uria test? What is the normal range for Microalbuminuria, whereas the normal value of 30 mg for Protein Ura test? At this juncture, I shall be very much thankful to you, if you could advise the suitable medicines advice and guideline in order to reduce the microalbumin in my urine. Please do the needful.
Thank you,
S. Ramaraj
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