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Dear All,

I have checked my BG levels recently. found Fasting 115 & PP 180
As per the Advice of Doctor i started diet control and doing walking regularly since 15 days. no Medicine

I am checking my BG levels regularly with Glucard at home.
I stopped taking rice.. Completely shifted to Wheat.

My worry is that Still My PP result is showing 160.

Today when i woke up ,I checked BG it was 92 .. But when i came after Walking it was showing 115 ... how can it be possible .. ( 1 Tsp of Fenugreek powder and water in between..)

Please help.let me know whether i can control my Diabetics with diet or i need to take Medicine...
It is possible because when you exercise/walk, you need extra sugar.May be your body senses starvation because of your low intake of carbs and as such when you exercise or walk,lever releases his stored sugar in order to energise your body.This is quiet normal.The levels will be back one hour after you finish walk.Morever when your body gets used to it and understands whole thing,you may not get that reading any more.Just wait for 15 days.
I have also faced this problem once but after sometime when i kept on brisk walking daily in the morning,my BG levels started to drop down further after exercise/walk.
Be have excellent levels.You just need to maintain.Also have A1C test on monthly basis.That is what actually matters.
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