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If you're interested, you can read more about my situation in the diabetes forum. I just started Metformin to treat insulin resistance. I was having high glucose readings two hours after meals, although my a1c was normal.

I have started wondering if my sugar levels could have something to do with my many pregnancy losses. I have had two stillbirths and three miscarriages. When I was pregnant with my son 10 years ago, I was borderline for gestational diabetes (just barely passed). He was born healthy. Four years later, I got pregnant with my first daughter, who was stillborn. After two more losses, I began seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, who diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. After another loss, he put me on Metformin, since it has been shown to reduce the miscarriage rate in women with PCOS.

Two months later, I conceived my son. I discontinued the Metformin at 15 weeks of pregnancy because I was at a healthy weight when I became pregnant but I had been losing weight throughout the pregnancy due to the Metformin. My doctor wanted me to gain, so he instructed me to stop taking it. My son was born healthy between 37 and 38 weeks.

Last year, I got pregnant with another little girl. Her pregnancy was a surprise, so I wasn't taking Metformin. My doctor said that the primary benefit for women with PCOS comes from taking Metformin prior to conception, so I wasn't on it during my pregnancy, either. At 16 weeks, my doctor was concerned because I had lots of glucose and ketones in my urine. He gave me a 1 hour GTT later that week, and I was borderline. I saw the perinatalogist at 20 weeks, and he was very concerned because while the baby had previously been right on track with her measurements, her head was measuring 17 weeks and her body was measuring 18 weeks. He said that either she had a chromosome problem or the placenta was not nourishing her correctly. He put me on bedrest at home and said that if she made it to 24 weeks, I would be hospitalized for the duration of my pregnancy so that they could monitor her and perhaps take her early and save her if her condition continued to deteriorate. She died a week after that appointment at 21 weeks. After she was born, we had her chromosomes tested, and they were normal.

Now, I am wondering if sugar levels may have played a part. I have seen all the experts and had a myriad of tests, and no one has been able to tell me why I keep losing babies. Except for PCOS, sugar levels have never been considered (perhaps because I am not overweight). Until recently, I had no idea that my glucose levels were so high for so long after eating sweets. I am embarrassed to say that it was not uncommon for me to have 6 to 8 desserts a day. Of course, all that has changed, now.

Does anyone know if recurrent pregnancy loss can be a complication of diabetes (or pre-diabetes)?

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Hello Renee:

Oh my Gosh. You poor Dear. How awful. I'm Very sad to hear your story. I can't imagine. These sad events can happen to any Woman unfortunately. One of my Best Friends had 3 miscarriages and 3 live babies. Two of the Live Babies had severe Asthma. My Friend was totally healthy and still is.

Just because a Woman has Diabetes though, doesn't mean that Bad things will happen to her pregnancies. BUT definitely, sugars must be in the Good range most of the time. Were you even testing your blood daily?? It is not your fault if you were not educated and/or tested properly.

I've never heard of "borderline Gestational". Either you are Gestational or you aren't. If you were so close to it then the Dr. should have made sure you were observed, given a proper diet and tested more often.

If a Women becomes Gestational during one pregnancy then she will most likely become a full blown Diabetic within ten years if she becomes pregnant again.

There are so many Women with Diabetes that have healthy children. Keeping their Diabetes under control most of the time of course, is important. Usually(not always)they are put on an Insulin pump during the pregnancy.

You are fortunate to have had so many pregnancies considering you were dxd. with PCOS. A Lady(not Diabetic) I know was on Metformin also but was unable to become pregnant.

I am Very sorry for your losses Renee. I wish you better health and healthy Babies in the future.
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