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I'm posting some compelling research I found on a website regarding
use of PXP to treat diabetes. The research was performed at U of Wisconsin at Stevens Point over a period of 3 months. More info about this new product can be found at pxp4health . com

"A pulmonologist, patholologist, chemist, physical therapist, registered nurse, and respiratory therapist supervised the research, conducted over three (3) months. Patients were given Alfa PXP with a dosage of one scoop (5 mg) three times a day before meals. Each serving was dissolved in 100-150 ml of water, either cold or hot.

The findings of the study are as follows:

Diabetic patients

• Ninety (90) percent of the patients decreased their dosage of insulin injection.

• Seventy-five (75) percent decreased their oral medication intake.

• Eighty (80) percent experienced weight reduction.

• Seventy (75) percent reduced their blood pressure.

• Ninety (90) percent had reduced numbness.

• Ninety (90) percent had improvement of vision.

• Ninety (90) percent of the patients felt increased energy and stamina.

• Ninety (90) percent regained back their libido (sexual function).

In a separate study, seventeen members of the Diabetic Association of Pateros, Philippines, participated in a study to assess the outcome/benefits of taking PXP for 90 days (three months). The clinical study that was supervised by a dialectologist was conducted from June 2006 to September 2006.

• The study showed that all the patients saw a decline in their HbA1c. The most notable change was in one patients’ HbA1c which saw a change of 52.6 percent, a reduction from 9.5 to 4.5."
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