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Since I've had (Sugar Diabetes, Juvenile Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes),
since I was 3, I of course have come across some complications.

My main one was Diabetes Retinopathy at age 25. My sugars
were usually unstable through most of my childhood back then.
We lived in a small town with no other Diabetics and only basic
knowledge of Diabetes.
I tested my urine(5 drops urine in a glass test tube with 10 drops
of water. 1 clinitest tablet that boiled 'til it turned the liquid a
colour between blue, green, yellow, dark yellow and orange.
Orange was the BAD one(4+). Still haven't a clue what 4+ means
in regards to the numbers we use in our meters. I would presume
it is over 25.0

Anyways, when I was 25, I had laser treatments on my left eye
only, since that was the bad one with extra vessels growing. I
had 250 shots of laser the 1st time. It burned a bit and was uncomfortable.
The 2nd appt. the Dr. gave me a hypodermic needle under my eye
to freeze it so I wouldn't move. ;) I did better that next 250 shots.
I didn't need any more in the left eye and my right eye has always been fine.

I did have cataract surgery on both eyes last year which went well.

I'd be interested in hearing similar experiences from others.
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